Moped Takeover

Hollywood Holt's

OK, I’ve been waiting for this day for years. between Hollywood Holt’s “Throw a Kit” video (featuring Chicago’s Peddy Ca$h club) and Andy Samberg’s Hot Rod movie, mopeds have officially taken over the hipster market and are finally positioned to become ubiquitous in television commercials and otherwise overexposed and boring, allowing scooters to fade back into obscurity so I can buy them for $800 again. Take note, hipsters, there soon will be folks showing up at moped rallies wearing fanny packs. And not Pac-Man fanny packs from Ragstock, either, I mean actual unironic fanny packs.

That said, “Throw a Kit” is awesome, and the first rap song to ever rhyme “Garelli” with “Minarelli”

5 thoughts on “Moped Takeover”

  1. At the Stumptown Classic sunday breakfast, there was a guy wearing a MICKEY MOUSE DENIM LETTERMAN JACKET!

  2. That was me! If you liked my jacket I can put you in touch with a seller. I got mine at the outlet mall but this guy’s prices are almost as good. He also offers to embroider a name up to 15 letters. I wish I could have had that on mine.

  3. I love that video. I think some hip hop inclined scooterist needs to do a “Beat It” style duel/collaboration video with Hollywood.

    I too would love it if vintage scooters faded enough into obscurity that I could get a $600 GS160.

    I also look forward to the day when Vietnamese resto mopeds are available for sale here in the US. That will just make my day.

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