LML Vespa? Doubt it.

IndiaTimes reports that after relaunching international shipments in the last couple months, LML is back in the (Indian) domestic market, with their “Vespa brand” scooters. I’m assuming this is sloppy journalism and not some sort of LML-Piaggio joint venture where the LML NV SPL and Select II (on which the Genuine Stella is based) are actually being sold under the Vespa name, but in the unlikely event that Piaggio is involved, that would likely bring a quick death to the Stella.

4 thoughts on “LML Vespa? Doubt it.”

  1. In India, the LML scooters are commonly referred to as “LML Vespas”. My vote is sloppy journalism.

  2. “Tempted by the recent revival of the scooter segment in the country, the beleaguered Lohia Machines (LML)…”

    That’s exactly what we saw when Becky and I were in India earlier this year. You can’t write off scooters in India. They are making a come back. The don’t dominate the market like they did 10 years ago, and they never will again, but there is a very definate market re-esblishing itself for scooters.

  3. Bajaj Chetaks were imported briefly in the 80s, then in 2000, Bajaj USA was formed and brought in the 4-stroke Chetak and Legend 150s. They sold pretty well (by US scooter standards) until they were sort of eclipsed by the Stella (Genuine’s customized LML Star) which was a little more retro at pretty much the same price (and a 2-stroke, which was more interchangeable with P-series parts and accessories). They still did allright and had their fans, but Bajaj stopped making metal-bodied geared scooters in December 2005 and the importer changed their name to ArgoUSA. 2005/6 models are still available new here as Argo sells out their stock, but as far as I know there are no plans to bring in the newer Bajaj twist-n-gos.

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