80s R/C car decals

Here’s a fantastic reference if you’re looking to paint a Vespa P200 in period-correct racing livery: a few dozen ’80s decal sets for remote control cars. The Martini Lancia scheme from Monte Carlo ’83 would be freaking awesome.

2 thoughts on “80s R/C car decals”

  1. I always wanted to do a Gulf Racing scheme on a Vespa, but Ray already beat me to it. I then contemplated as a then (now former) Lancia owner that the Martini Racing livery would be an excellent rival to the Gulf scheme. Someone needs to do Lotus colors on a Dragster or a cut down and we’d almost have the start of a national micro club.

  2. Ray hasn’t beat you to jack-squat. He still needs to get the scooters on his GT. Actually, I would revel in the schadenfreude if someone beat him to the punch.

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