Kymco MyRoad 700 press photos

Lots of official press photos of the Kymco MyRoad 700 on Like I said the other day, it’s no Gilera GP 800 in the looks department, but way more likely to come to the U.S., and if the price is right, I could see it doing very well here. Scooterists know Kymco makes a great product, but this bike might finally get them some attention outside the scooter/ATV ghetto. In 20 years. when Kymco’s outselling Suzuki and Yamaha, historians may cite this bike as the catalyst for that growth. Which is why they really need a much better name for it, ha.

5 thoughts on “Kymco MyRoad 700 press photos”

  1. don’t count out the gilera 800 coming to the states just yet….

    with piaggio rebadging the fuoco to the MP3 500 (a very wise choice), i see them testing the waters for rebading other gilera and maybe derby models into the piaggio line up here in North America…if the MP3 500 sells well, i see the “Piaggio GP 800” soon following


  2. The crazy thing is, if they do (maybe even if they don’t) bring the Fuoco, GP, Runner, etc, Piaggio inarguably has the most diverse line of scooters in the US, and probably the highest quality scooters. They have a proven, well-known brand name. They even have a pretty solid dealer network. So THEY should be poised as the next Honda, they should be looking at a solid presence in the US for the next 100 years, yet I can’t help but feel Kymco’s responsible business strategies and good management from the top down put them in a much better position for the future, while it still seems to me that Piaggio is going to give up and go home any day now. Piaggio’s marketing has improved, but they still need to work on pricing (just about everything in their range is way overpriced for the market) and they need to remember they’re selling to the customers, not the dealers, and that means more national advertising (aside from PR) and better customer service on a national level (parts supply, communication, etc).

  3. no doubt the piaggio and vespa line are a bit over-priced…i would love to see the prices come down….

    as for advertising, i would love to see that too, but i don’t see kymco advertising any…

    i see piaggio doing well until honda and yamaha get their heads out of the butts about scooters…if honda brought the shi3000 and yamaha brought the tmax, they would kill piaggio sales


  4. Did a bit o’research here and heard that this 700cc scooter will eventually make it here. No idea of exactly when (next year) or even what it will be called. For that we have to wait for the “official” announcement.

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