The new new new new new new “Lambretta”

These are due out the same day as the CMSI “L”series “Lambretta” and the Khurana/SIP metal-bodied 4-speed Lambretta GP. And they will all have an anti-gravity device that will allow you to fly them to your unicorn farm at 300 miles an hour, in time for your date with Scarlett Johanssen. The domain is registered to someone in the Netherlands. Someone with a vivid imagination and a pirated copy of Lightwave 3D. Go ahead, anyone, prove me wrong.

One thought on “The new new new new new new “Lambretta””


    And I thought it was OVER between me and Scarlett Johanssen! Life it good again. Now I’m off to feed the unicorns. See ya! ZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOM! *steve leaves at 300 mph*

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