New U.S. distro for PM Tuning?

As I read yet another PM-Tuning/CMSI-bashing post on Modern Vespa, I was surprised to see performance parts manufacturer PM Tuning’s Paul Melici post a follow-up, implying the end of their relationship with CMSI, or at least a major overhaul of their distribution system:

Since 9/11 it has become commercially un-viable to obtain product liability cover for the USA on all PM Tuning produced parts hence we are unable to supply USA customers direct, sorry.

We appointed CMSI as our outlet for the USA to provide the necessary insurance cover and technical backup for PM tuning related parts, but things have not gone according to plan as I freely admit and for this I apologise most sincerely. Any orders or enquiries sent to PM Tuning UK were routed to CMSI, as i now understand, without joy.

We are currently working towards resolving the situation by considering alternative options. Details will be posted at our official PM Tuning UK web site. In the meantime, all enquiries should be sent to, I will personally make sure you get a reply

Customers may always whine about prices, but quality, performance, and liability cost good money, and there will always be a market for high-quality tuning products. That said, supply, shipping, and pricing should not be a mystery to customers, and it’s good to see PM addressing the lack of communication.