2 thoughts on “Suzuki Burgman 200”

  1. The Burgman 200 and 125 exist because of the quirks of taxation and rider licensing laws in various European countries. In the latter case, if your bike is a 125 there are considerably fewer hoops to jump through. Seems to me Vespa showed at GT 125 somewhere a few years ago…

  2. I just can’t picture an italian teenager with a learner’s permit aspiring to be a midwestern American empty-nester. Seriously, though, I get *why* they do it, but that bike has got to be a total sloth, you’d think people wouldn’t even be interested.I guess if they made an Escalade with footpedals, teenagers would line up for it.

    Actually, now that I think about it, Alessandro Del Piero starred in their campaign and Italy did win the cup and all. So I guess maybe Italian teenagers emulate Italian Calcio stars, who emulate midwestern American empty-nesters.

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