2 thoughts on “30th Anniversary Vespa PX”

  1. $5700 for a 125 is lame. They essentially took a model that they couldnt sell and made it “special” by adding a bunch of cheap chrome bits to it. Im glad this isnt going to come to the US, as we already have the “Serie America” 150s that they couldnt sell in Europe, we dont need an additional model that is weaker yet…

  2. I totally agree, but i brought one anyway!.. the tyre’s were a death trap so they had to come off, the standard engine and exhaust were completely non-inspirational, so I had a DR 180 kit and Simoni exhaust fitted. The mirrors started to rust immediately so they had to go and I was never too keen on the fly screen anyway! What I did do was spend a whole heap of extra cash on as many chrome replacement parts that I could find.. What I know have is still ‘The last of the last’ but looks like this..

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