“Spec Racing” = “Test Ride”

Brooke points out that Kymco’s press release announcing their participation in this years’ International Motorcycle Shows features a pretty misleading headline (even with a “satire” disclaimer that was tacked on later). Still, it got us to post about Kymco’s participation in this years’ International Motorcycle Shows, which is pretty un-news-worthy otherwise. Kymco, you cunning bastards.

3 thoughts on ““Spec Racing” = “Test Ride””

  1. KYMCO is not a company you ever want to buy a scooter from. Look I realize that KYMCO works on manufacturing a lot of good press, but my experience with KYMCO was terrible. I purchased a new 2007 KYMCO Xciting 500 scooter, only to have the engine blow up at 70 miles an hour while traveling in fast but heavy freeway traffic. I got away with my life. But even worse, although the KYMCO advertises a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and the scooter itself was not even a year old, KYMCO renegged on the warranty and has not after many months either fixed or replaced the bike. Before you even think of having anything to do with KYMCO, please visit this site http://www.KYMCOBuildsBadBikes.com and see the evidence for yourself. Never buy a KYMCO and never deal with KYMCO.

    Sincerely, Burt

  2. Burton, you sound like you had a hard time with them, and you’re entitled to your opinon, but in my experiences, talking to hundreds of scooterists and dealers, Kymco is among the top scooter companies to operate in the USA (sure, that may not be saying much). You may have had problems with them, and they aren’t perfect by any means, but you’re one of very few people I’ve ever heard from who hated their Kymco experience. Dealers (and many owners) rank Kymco (and Genuine) above Piaggio as far as quality and support. Considering that many other importers and dealers are running companies based on outright fraud and thievery, I wanted to stick up for one of the brands that’s, in my opinion, among the best.

    Also, not to be petty, when you’re trying to make a consumer complaint against a company, honey works better than vinegar, and grammar doesn’t hurt, either. People who are in a position to help you draw attention to your cause (me for instance, and other bloggers and dealers that are active on the web) do not respond well to angry non-specific, typo-ridden rants. I skimmed around your site and it’s clear you had a bad experience, but your irrational attitude and generalized raving doesn’t do much to win me over to your cause, and I wonder if your dealer and “Kimco” were also less willing to hear you out. Again, introducing yourself, speaking rationally and politely, and building a relationship would have bought you much more sympathy from me than posting an infammatory, ranty comment on the first post you could find that mentioned Kymco.

  3. Burt seems to be pissed. I’d be pissed too. I believe every word of it. Kymco, like any scooter company, runs out of parts sometimes. Parts on backorder can take a long time to arrive. That sucks. I think that sums up his gripe. But his argument comes off as a reactionary spasm that would be easily dismissed based on it’s delivery. If the dealer made claims they couldn’t back up, that’s their bad. If kymco won’t ship a part, that’s their bad. If I were him I’d take the dealer to court. If he was really injured I’m sure there’s an attorney willing to make their money. Hyperboles just hurt your cause.

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