2 thoughts on “P.E.A.C.E. comes to an end”

  1. LOL! Crafty title man.

    I wanna tell you, I was surprised how well the Buddy held up on the highway. It’s not something I would NORMALLY do (ride a 125cc on the highway), but we were too short on time to make the scenic route.

    There were times where she registered 74 MPH on the speedo, but from what I hear that’s truly more like 68 MPH. Not bad at all, even IF we were being passed like we were standing still sometimes.

  2. Yeah, the Buddys (-ies?) are sick-fast, probably because they’re so light. From what I understand they’re as fast as most 150s. Did the frame/brakes/suspension feel OK at top speed? Even if they did, I can’t imagine kitting one to go faster without doing some reinforcement. I wish I’d followed her trip a little more carefully, I’m glad she got through it in one piece, and it’s cool that so many people (especially Genuine) got involved along the way, and it’s great to see her getting national media attention. Looking forward to your story, Steve.

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