2slowbuzz vs. American Scooterist

Sorry about the infrequent posts the last week or so, I’m trying to get issue 53 of American Scooterist to press before the holidays. If you’re a Vespa Club of America member, you should be getting issue 52 in the mail any day now, but we’re still woefully late, largely because of my busy schedule. Remember that your membership is good for four issues, however long it takes us to get them to you. If you are a subscriber, I hope you find it worth the wait, it’s a lot of work and we take great pride in its quality, if not its punctuality. We’ve got some new blood on board (thanks Pete!) but we can always use more writing/editing/production help, and if you’re in a position to advertise in American Scooterist, we’d certainly appreciate the support.

3 thoughts on “2slowbuzz vs. American Scooterist

  1. So that means I’m STILL a vcoa member! Yay! I only keep my AMA membership active because of the discount I get on my booths at vintage days every year. nobody reads the magazines anyway.

  2. You know Beeb, I could help with editing (as a back up for Dave) and maybe a touch of writing. It is my day job some days.

    Let me know or have McCabe get in touch with me.

    I think Phil was talking about the AMA mag.

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