Peel microcar video and Hammacher Schlemmer

POC Phil posted this must-watch Peel Trident & P50 minicar video as a comment to my microcar book review, but it deserved a more prominent link. In the sixties you could buy a two-seater car made on the Isle of Man for £200 but these days a similarly-sized Chinese electric car costs $25,000. Nitro sent that Hammacher Schlemmer link, along with this $6000 2-person scooter coupe. He says “Imagine if you changed the cheap Chinese subframe for maybe a kitted 125 or so.” I guess, or you could buy an MP3 for the same price.

2 thoughts on “Peel microcar video and Hammacher Schlemmer”

  1. One of the scooter shops down here has those 2 person scooter coupes for rental. If you are unable to balance on two wheels or if you have a small child it makes sense. But I’ve also seen idiot teenagers on vacation riding in them and some of them look minutes away from sliding under a truck or something.

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