S’works taking Stella deposits

Orin heard this girl at the 7-Eleven tell the cashier that her friend’s brother got an email from Scooterworks that they’re taking deposits on new Stellas in new colors with Continental Zippys and a Grimeca disc brake (didn’t the old ones have Indian-made Grimecas?). The price went up a bit, natch, and there’s still no official date, but I thought you should know.

4 thoughts on “S’works taking Stella deposits”

  1. Gee Bryan, how’d you know there’s a 7-Eleven around the corner from my place? ;-)

  2. There are those moaning about the price increase, but given that over the Stella’s two years absence there has been inflation of about 3% per year and the exchange rate of the dollar vs. INR has ratcheted another 10% upward. So the asking price of $3350 is actually a “lower” price when all factors are taken into consideration. Despite the increase, they will sell…if they ever get here ;)

  3. Orin made the same case, and I agree, it’s a reasonable price, especially considering demand. It’ll be interesting to see how the quality compares, considering the labor problems and production layoff. Presumably, Genuine waited until LML proved their output was satisfactory, and is backing the Stella up with the usual warranty.

  4. I’m surprised the price isn’t $3,999… the PX 150 was $4199 + T&L, setup, etc. and they sold well. The Stella will be the only game in town once it arrives, and it can claim more power, better gas mileage and better components. An extra $600 on the sticker doesn’t seem like it would be a big issue to most buyers…

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