2008 Stella: better photos

Philadephia Scooters has some higher-res press photos of the powder-blue and avocado Stellas (click to enlarge). There’s also been some interesting discussion/speculation about the new Buddies and Stellas over at Modern Buddy.

Update: Upon more examination, the Stella photos linked above appear to be digitally-manipulated versions of an older photo. The position of the bike is exactly the same in both photos, the shocks are old Indian-made Bitubos, the color is strangely even, and if you need any more proof, look at the whitewalls, you can see a “highlight” on the lower left whitewall that’s clearly the inverse of the highlight on the light blue Stella’s tire. Changing the color of an existing photo is common in the automotive and motorcycle world (Genuine did the same thing before the release of the original Stella) and there’s nothing wrong with it, per-se (it’s not like they’re trying to pass off a Photoshop rendering of an Italjet Dragster as an actual bike for the last year like SOME scooter companies), but I thought it’s worth pointing out these are probably not photos of actual production new Stellas.