4 thoughts on “New Genuine site, scooters unveiled”

  1. I like the Roughhouse in general. I just hope that green turns out to look more OD than the kinda pukey green that it looks like in the photos. Now if they’d only take away a few inches from the underseat storage to move the engine up into, shorten the shocks (front and rear) to accomodate, thin the floorboards an inch and use ET4 sized tires then it could be a great scooter. That’s all I ask, PGO, that’s all.

  2. It’s funny how the green scoot is a new acutal photo of the Stella, and the other colors are the same old photoshoppery of the old scoot. I’ve got a late ’05 Stella and it has the black Gabriele shock like on the new Green Stella. Not the red Indian made fake Bitubo that came on earlier models. (Although it was still advertised as Bitubo when I bought it). The new Genuine site says they have Bitubo “preformance” gas-charged shocks. I’m not sure how that differs from performance, but it must somehow. I e-mailed Genuine about it and they said the new Stellas will have the Gabriele, not the Bitubo. They obviously need to update their brand new website, or maybe they’ll keep with the false advertising of the Bitubo, because as far as I can tell, they’ve never really used Bitubo, and many people have told me that the Indian made ones weren’t gas charged, that the gas cylinder was a dummy.

  3. If you look carefully you’ll notice those are the specs for the Buddy not the Stella, shows a Stella but the header says Buddy Specs. So I guess the bigger news is that the Buddy 150 is now a 4 speed manual shifter! Yeah I think they need to proof the site a little better.

  4. Oh I also dig how the center stand now comes with invisible paint, too bad it didn’t go all the way up, you can still see where the stand bends towards.

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