6 thoughts on “Vespa bicycle mounts?”

  1. That makes perfect sense. Thanks for the bike mounting tip, Bryan! :)

    It’s always an honor to be mentioned in 2SB. Thanks for the greeting and thanks too for sponsoring Vespa Attack III here in Manila! Saw some of the stuff you sent; unfortunately I didn’t win. :D

    Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Ha, just finished posting about it (in the next post). I’m equally flattered to be mentioned on Who Rides a Vespa, and I’m coming over for Vespa Attack someday, I promise.

  3. The Pinoy scooterists will eagerly wait for that day, Bryan. :)

    Thanks for the VA3 blurb as well!

  4. I think the reason the bike is mounted on the right is so the rider can put his/her left foot down when stopped, the right foot being used for the rear brake. I could be wrong, though. And the rear rack would make the scooter even *more* rear-heavy.

  5. I used a similar setup as the first photo (side mount), back in the 80’s. We would motorpace and switch riders. Be aware though that the behind mount can get you a ticket. In some states, the back portion can only extend a certain amount behind the motorcycle/scooter. A freind of mine had that setup and got several tickets. The other set up worth noting is a set up that my friend had. He mounted a front fork mount directly to the back of the rear fender and left on the rear wheel to travel on the road. That was in the “steel days” and now frames may not be strong enough at the head tube to handle the stress. I wouldn’t put my R3 on any of these set ups.

  6. Good point Eldorado. I know Sidecars are always mounted on the right, too, so it seems to be some sort of standard for whatever reason

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