Galewood Cookshack on Food Network tonight!

Tonight’s the debut of a new episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network featuring The Galewood Cookshack. If you read 2sb, you know all about our little pocket of Chicago called Galewood, and you know Grace Delcano, a scooterist, friend, and neighbor who honed her BBQ recipe at several years worth of Galewood scooter rallies. She’s gone pro and sells pulled pork sandwiches and nachos from her customized RV at street fairs, farmers markets, and auto/motorcycle events, and it’s great to see her getting the attention she deserves. Also keep an eye out for my better half, Vina, working it. If you’re in the neighborhood, come to the Kat Klub tonight for the viewing party!

Update: The show usually visits three places, this show they visited four, and the Cookshack was the last chunk of the show, so the segment wasn’t all that long, but Grace and the RV looked great, and the show certainly made me hungry. Vina didn’t get much airtime (I actually got more) but Su and Neil were prominently featured. Here are airtimes for reruns.

2 thoughts on “Galewood Cookshack on Food Network tonight!”

  1. Mike’s Chili Parlor, in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, is featured in Local Flavor, Episode DV0204. Cheese and onions are 50 cents each, but abuse is free. It says so on the menu.

  2. I saw this episode and nearly fell out of my seat! I saw you in line too Beeb. Congrats to Grace!! (BTW, I love this show.)

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