Las Vegas 2008

The new Las Vegas High Rollers Rally info has been posted for 2008, including pre-registration and merchandise from Modified. There’s a new twist this year: a series of competitions including racing, bowling, poker karaoke, and the usual scooter judging and gymkhana-type stuff. The club that racks up the most points will take home $1000, which will only offset 1/100th of their travel expenses, but I imagine the gloating will be unbearable. You could call it a “Scooter Olympics,” I suppose, but if you did the tightwad jags at the IOC would come after you like a greek drycleaner. It’s safe to say that the usual dancing, riding, drinking, gambling, and respiratory infections will remain intact alongside the competition.

One thought on “Las Vegas 2008”

  1. Drag racing!! If I would have known about that further in advance I would have thought about it. That’s bad ass. There should be more of that around the country. Just for the sake of being easier to find a strip (I just imagine, but don’t know if it’s hard or not) and a reason to tune a scooter.

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