Piaggio steps up Asian operations, hybrids due late 2008

Bobby and Ravi, together again

At a press event in Mumbai today, Piaggio announced plans to re-enter the Indian scooter market, focusing on manufacturing hybrids for the local market by 2010. The press release states that the company will be selling Vespa/Piaggio hybrids in Europe by the end of this year.

Piaggio has been producing 3- and 4-wheeled utility vehicles in India for years, but has avoided the crowded scooter market. The press release also lists new agreements with partners and suppliers, and hints at more. It also outlines their operations in China (a partnership with Zongshen Group, making Piaggios for local and world markets), Vietnam (a new factory manufacturing scooters for local markets), and Japan (a new importer/distributor).

One thought on “Piaggio steps up Asian operations, hybrids due late 2008”

  1. And the countdown begins when we’ll see PVPLI Vespas in the US rebadged at 2/3 the price.

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