Burgman Motor-vational poster

Dunno who came up with this, but it’s funny. (Thanks, Gome.)Update: The poster was made by Franky of the Usual Suspects SC, in response to some sort of BBS flare-up that we won’t go into. Even if it was designed in spite, I still think it’s funny.

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  1. Normally, I think I have a thick skin and good sense of humor but as a Burgman rider and long-time reader of 2SB I feel pretty insulted by this. I guess that was the anonymous author’s intent and he/she succeeded, at least with me.

  2. If you’ve been reading 2sb for a long time and this is the first time I insulted you, then… I’m not doing my job very well. My only issue with the poster is that calling Burgman riders “retarded” is sort of an insult to people with developmental disabilities.

    I kid because I love.

  3. What are Burgman riders doing on scooter forums anyways? Shouldn’t they be out racking up massive miles doing cross country treks on their Barcaloungers w/wheels ? Shouldn’t they be rolling up on Sturgis or Daytona sometime soon?


  4. not anonymous, it was posted on the bbs by it’s creator, frankie from nyc/usual suspects sc. twas a retort to a burgman rider that was smack talking some nyc scooterists.

    if it was a picture of a ratted out p series that said “i ride a broken-ass bike, because i’m to stupid and lazy to get a real job to buy a nice one” i would have laughed at that too.

  5. I’ve never met a Burgman rider I didn’t like (n=2, and in the last month!). Very nice folk. But when I saw that in the NYC thread on the BBS I thought it was hillarious.

  6. Thanks for posting the creator, stefan, I’ll add the credit to the post.

    I think it’s fair to say that scooterists are good at taking abuse, especially from each other. If we were self-conscious and wanted to fit in, we’d be riding what everybody else is riding.

  7. If the instigating cartoon was posted along with this one, I’d have laughed at both.

  8. The irony of the poster is that the 650 Burgman pictured is truly a high performance scooter. It can be shifted manually, can easily cruise at speeds at over 100mph and is not a bike for an inexperience rider. Burgman riders pride themselves on actually getting out their and riding as opposed to “sitting on the couch”.

  9. Yeah if a wear a burgerman rider I’d be made at there attempt at humour to. If I new who thay’d hear from me boy.

    Jeesh come on those maxies are less like a scooter than a motorcycle.
    PS are they all over twofidy?

  10. Egan, the scooters, or the riders? Badump-BUMP!
    (note: I weigh an even twofidy)
    What was the original cartoon, richardp? I coudn’t bring myself to endure that entire thread on the BBS… For the record, I don’t write much about maxiscooters here just because I’m not all that interested in them, but they are scooters and have merits, and I have plenty of maxi-riding friends. I thought this was funny, so I posted it. If anyone thinks I’m mean to maxi riders, go back through the archives and read what I’ve said about mods and skinheads.

  11. I think this is like a game of telephone where people are missing a word’s meaning when reading. But that aside. The burgman is a high tech machine and the shifting on it has got to be super trick and something that lots of folks wished for in a new vespa. But I’d disagree about calling them scooters. I’m sure I’ve referred to the maxi in the general scooter sense but they are very different. I think they are enough different to have their own descriptive name. They are automatic motorcycles that are at most times partially step through. In motorcycle design terms they’d often be called ‘Feet First’ or ‘Feet Forward’. The Honda Cub is very scooter like but in the industry (where still sold) they are often referred to as ‘underbones’ as a class, referring to the construction of the chassis. Take a look at the Aprilia Mana. It’s an automatic motorcycle and many motorcycle people would call it a scooter. It’s very un-scooter-like (and still very bad ass). I can’t come up with anything good besides auto-bike or auto-cycle, both words associated with motorcycles in their early years. So maybe 2SB should have a poll/contest/open call for submissions for a new term for a segment that rightly deserves it’s own proud name. What I wouldn’t like to hear are arguments about “definitions” of scooters or motorcycles. My point isn’t about challenging current terms but inventing an entirely new vernacular.

  12. Good Lord. Some of you people need to settle down!

    I thought it was funny.

    And it isn’t that Burgman owners spend all their time on a couch, it’s that the Burgman looks and feels like sitting on a couch. Mmmm, comfy…

  13. I’ve been thinking about this after my initial whine and decided that the part I didn’t like was the ‘retarded’ part. The lazy part and the couch part are exactly right. Maybe some other word would apply better than ‘retarded’… shiftless or thought-free or gear-challenged. (I think my sense of humor is coming back.)

  14. Hey Stefan thanks for clearing it up and letting them know that Franky is not only a member of The Usual Suspects SC, but he’s also the President.

    I’m still blown away by how this drama has blossomed this much. It started at the NYSC forum, then to the Burgtards, then Allicat dropped it on the BBS, and not Franky’r art makes the news.

  15. and it was all inspired by this:

    Letter24Mikey wrote:
    Is this a vintage scooter friendly ride? My Lambretta doesn’t get more then 50 miles to the gallon!!

    Big V wrote:
    Sounds like you don’t have the b-lls to travel more than a block or so. Promise, you won’t fall off the scooter once you learn how to ride over 10 MPH. The hardest part is between 5 MPH and 10 MPH. Keep practicing!!
    Honestly, I couldn’t care less what you ride as long as you’re not a jerk. I started off on an ET4 and will probably own modern bikes again.

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