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Ian Whalley and Rob Stuhr, Niagara Rally, 1996

Ian and Rob, the Tundra Schmucks, had already been running the Niagara Rally for a few years when I met them in 1996. Niagara is one of the longest-running rallies in North America, and this year will be the last one Ian will be handling. Sure, it’s the same every year, muddy, cold, and predictable, with a side trip to hand out loonies to Polish strippers at Mints, but that’s the way we like to kick off the North American Rally Season. (Nevermind that every year a few more rallies pop up before Victoria Day Weekend.)

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  1. Just for the record…

    Yes, I am retiring from organizing the Niagara Rally after this year, but the rally is not finished!!! Rob, Rich & Shawn will be continuing without me, so it’ll be the same rally, with 1 less jackass…And I’ve never been the only one handling the event…I just get blamed for a lot!!!

    Ian (The Rev)
    16 years of Niagara…and going back next year for the Rally Jackass award!!!

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