No Show

A couple people have asked if we’re covering the 2008 Cycle World International Motorcycle Show this weekend at the Stevens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL.. We’re not.

We’ve been there in 2003 (review), 2004 (review), 2006 (review), and 2007 and every year it’s pretty much the same. If you’ve never been, it’ s a good time, but after five years, all the choppers and sportbikes blend together. If anyone is going and wants to write up a story and send some photos, we’d be happy to post it, but we’re going to rest our legs for DealerExpo next weekend.

3 thoughts on “No Show”

  1. stop by the Scoot! Booth. And don’t forget the Corazzo/Scoot! party at the Elbow Room. I will be the one holding a beer.

  2. WHAT!? Your not going to go see groundbreaking world unveiling exhibits like the Scomadi L-series (take 3)? I’m going to Vegas this year, I’ll get more done there.

  3. Oh, Beeb is covering Indy for sure. Just not the IMS show in Chicago. Things change slowly at those shows. Rarely much to see after you’ve been once.

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