Scooter hit-and-run in Denver

We see a lot of scooter accident reports, but this one’s particularly disturbing: A Denver scooterist was struck by a Chevrolet Tracker on Colfax Ave. last night. She was thrown from the bike while the driver continued to drive another block with her scooter trapped under his vehicle. He eventually pulled over, removed evidence from his car, and fled the scene. One report claimed the fleeing driver took the woman’s purse from the scooter and stuffed it in a storm drain.

One thought on “Scooter hit-and-run in Denver”

  1. That is really sad that this driver would just take off instead of just staying on scene and admitting to an accident. On a side note, Billy Lane (who hit and killed a scooterist while intoxicated) is still free and claiming he was not drunk.

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