Sidam Xnovo: Another Mullet Scooter

The mullet hairstyle has been described as, ‘business in the front, party in the rear’. Similar descriptions could fit three-wheel motorcycles like the Piaggio MP3 and Can-Am Spyder. But as the hot trend seems to be two wheels in the front and one in the rear, the opposite configuration has it’s assets as well. The New Cafe Racer Society reports (linking from on the Sidam Xnovo, a three wheel scooter with two hoops in the back like the old Honda Gyro and other still made today. What sets it apart seems to be the lean capability similar to the MP3 design. has a nice gallery of naked photos showing off drawings of the mechanicals. The advantage that the rear configuration would seem to have would be additional traction. I’ve thought that the trike approach would be more useful in low grip scenarios like in snow or loose surfaces, where the MP3 style design would have no improvement in this area over a traditional scoot. Just putting an ATV style swingarm and wheels on a scooter may sound like a great idea for tearing up the snow and mud, but then one is left with a four-wheel handling feel because it can’t lean the same way a motorcycle does. This independent tilting design could increase traction, retain the power two wheeler feel and still increase stability. While I’m no big fan of the maxi scooter design, I can appreciate the technical effort a great deal. The crazy frenchman behind took a couple of MBK Spirit (similar to the pre-2002 Yamaha Zuma in the USA) motors to a similar effect and it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. So you can decide for yourself which end is business and which is party when looking over the new range of mullet scooters.

2 thoughts on “Sidam Xnovo: Another Mullet Scooter”

  1. The heavymotor contraption is a mess at best. Even eliminating discrepancies between the two carbs, the differences in the variator action between the two motors would make cornering under power nothing short of terrifying.

    The Xnovo is clever, but from a pure physics standpoint it can’t be any better than an MP3, in fact, it can only be worse. The front end of any (moderately powered) 2 wheeler is where all the traction and braking occur. Putting extra rubber out back isn’t going to give you any more traction *other than that increase supplied by the additional weight of the system* or any more braking (weight transfers forward during braking). I think if anything, you’re adding an understeer (slip-out) risk at the front of the vehicle. As your weight distribution exascerbates an already rear-biased vehicle you will actually LOSE available traction on the front wheel. Since your front wheel is what holds it all together, I’ve got to suggest the MP3 is still going to be the clear winner when it comes to practical application. Talk to me one-to-one and i’ll relate my personal traction experiences with the MP3.

  2. I think the young guy from heavy motor has worked out his project well. If you look at the rest of his works he does some beautiful stuff and I’m sure did not cut corners on his 2 motor creation. If you watch the video it just looks like a lot of fun, if not something that’s easy to ride. .

    Regarding the xnovo v. the mp3, I was thinking about drive traction rather than braking traction. I know that riding an automatic in snow the rear wheel traction is really the difficult part. It stops you from riding even before you get a chance to brake! Anyone know how the Gyro handles under hard braking?

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