4 thoughts on “150cc “International” Buddy arrives in shops”

  1. They’ve been at Scooterville for over a week now. If I’d have known it was buzzworthy I’d have told you! They look nice. I just can’t wait for spring to have a 125/150 throwdown. I’m not expecting much, but 220 lbs of demanding user may be able to tell the difference of the extra cubes. Hell, I just can’t wait to be able to ride anything.

  2. Might want to fix that link in the story Bb.

    Are the Buddy 150s the same physical dimensions as the 125? The one thing I would say about the only time I rode a 125 was that it felt “small” and light, more comparable to a 50 cc bike than a 150. Not that I’m thinking of getting one, just curious.

  3. Brooke wrote: …can’t wait for spring to have a 125/150 throwdown.

    My thoughts, exactly. I want to see video of a 1/4 mile race with riders of similar height and weighted so they they weigh identically the same. They should be sitting in identically the same riding position, too. I think we should throw down the gauntlet about this on Modern Buddy.

  4. Link Fixed. The new ones are the same size and the same size as the Buddy 50. They are very small, but still fun. Their small size is a big part of their appeal.

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