The Scooter Scoop’s Dream Scooter Survey

Steve’s survey is complete. No big surprises, the results pretty much match my votes. One point of contention, though: “Classic Italian” was the overall favorite “style,” (and the one I chose,) but Steve says:

Strange as it may seem, this design style is not nearly as popular in Europe. Nope, most other nations consider this look to be tired.

I voted for “Classic Italian” because nothing’s better-looking than a vintage scooter, but “Classic” and “Retro” are two very different beasts, I strongly dislike most “retro”-looking modern scooters. Perhaps “Retro” should have been a separate choice. I’d also argue that there’s no such thing as the perfect scooter for everyone, and that a 300cc vintage-looking scooter on 15″ wheels doesn’t sound particularly appealing. The most promising result was the “Price” question, informed scooterists (or at least those that read The Scooter Scoop, ha!) are willing to pay a reasonable amount for quality, if only there was a way to pass that wisdom along to first-time buyers.