210cc Buddy!?

After naysaying rumors of a 210cc upgrade for the Genuine Buddy on ModernBuddy, I found Nitro’s photos of a prototype of the 210cc kit (presumably) taken at Scooterworks, from six months ago. So the rumor is this upgrade will be available soon, I still say it’ll be prohibitively expensive and require upgrades to the frame, carb, supsension, exhaust, etc, but we’ll see. The thought of a Buddy with a 210cc engine is alternately thrilling and terrifying.

3 thoughts on “210cc Buddy!?”

  1. Will somebody pls start a rumor about a Buddy S model that comes equipped with all these goodies! :->

  2. I think a Buddy 210 is a great idea, but should only be available to people who weigh enough to keep it from going unintentionally airborne. For those of us over 180 lbs that extra power would be very helpful, for some of those lightweight riders who apparently are in dire need of a good meal it might be dangerous.

    For the record, I also thought the Blur 200 was a really great idea, and I tell the good people at Genuine so every chance I get.

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