Diamo, Italjet offer new financing

Just got a press release from LS Motorsports about new consumer financing plans on Diamo, Italjet, and Fischer scooters and motorcycles, just in case you wanted to have your Dragster loan paid off before the bike came out. (And they spelled “Fischer” wrong.) Before you accuse me of being mean, you should know I haven’t posted my LS DealerExpo writeup yet, because I don’t want to hurt Guzm├ín’s feelings. I’m a smooth criminal. Can you tell I’ve been reading too much Wonkette?

One thought on “Diamo, Italjet offer new financing”

  1. Awww come on B. I’m a big boy (that’s not a challenge, mind you).

    I’ve still not test ridden those pre-production models. Massimo didn’t send keys.

    I’ve gotta get my story out too. Maybe tonight. It’s the tale of a long, harrowing journey across the United States in a Rent-a-truck.


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