The Dragster Scoop?

Steve Guzm├ín spills all the beans he can on the Dragster over at the Scooter Scoop. He’s working for ItaljetUSA, of course, but it seems like a pretty honest piece, he answers a few questions, and includes a couple photos of a prototype that’s newer than the one on display at Dealer Expo that I haven’t bothered to write about yet. Hopefully, bringing Steve on board wasn’t the only thing LS Motorsports is going to get right.

3 thoughts on “The Dragster Scoop?”

  1. With pricing for the Dragster 250cc at almost $6000, they had better get it totally right. $6000 for a 250cc scooter? I know it’s a cult favorite, but give me a break!!

  2. That’s in the same league as a Vespa GTS. If they do get it right I think the market will accept that price, though I believe the market for the bike is much smaller than that of the GTS. The other price points are all about 500.00 too high though. The IT.50 is possibly even 1000.00 too high. A clone of a Kymco Agility (which has an msrp of 1599.00) must actually cost less to compete. Also, if they typical italian bike model is followed and shipping and set up isn’t, at least partially, worked into the final msrp then they are really setting their sights far too high.

  3. Beeb,
    How about a follow up story? Steve obviously killed himself so you and Phil wouldn’t ridicule LS Motors. Got any more Indi stories?

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