Self Inflating Tires: Shorcut To Safety or Green Innovation?

Imagine it’s springtime and you haven’t done anything to your scooter all winter (I know, it’s a far fetched idea).  It kicks over on the first few tries.  It’s a beautiful day and you want to go for a ride and burn off some of that Stabil tainted gasoline.  It’s time for a safety check.  Brakes work, at least one mirror still attached, license tabs only a month or so expired, it’s time to hit the road.  But within one block you realize that your trusty scoot handles like you are driving through mud.  It soon becomes obvious that you skipped the tire pressure check.  The Self Inflating Tire, SIT for short, by Coda Development aims to make that last snag a thing of the past.  Their system claims to be able to keep the tire pressure up after a short drive using a peristaltic pump system integrated with the tire or wheel.  Check out their video for an explanation.  It’s worth the time if you like to see computer generated machines in action.  This seems to be in the early stages of development and will likely appear on high-end automobiles first, but I imagine it will be only a matter of time before new scooters come with this technology.  Speaking of that, it won’t work on the old split rims of your classic ride.  Besides keeping you up on two wheels rather than skidding across the road, properly inflated tires can help save the planet.  From Jalopnik, via Gizmodo.