Secret Vespa GTS Brain Box Codes Revealed

When owners of Piaggio scooters with computerized engine control systems bring their steeds in for service the attendant hooks up a ‘code reader’ to help diagnose any issues. These codes give advice on how to proceed with repairs. Now, for the first time, the secret codes are revealed. Formerly only known to those with a secret set of instructions, these codes can now be interpreted by all.


  • 0001 Top case color mismatch
  • 0002 Muffler bearing leak
  • 0003 Low chrome levels
  • 0004 Owner expected much higher MPG
  • 0005 Variator tampering, will be denied by owner
  • 0006 Improper cigarette lighter adapter wiring
  • 0007 Kick start lever missing
  • 0008 Low on displacement, add 50cc
  • 0009 Low on displacement, add 100cc
  • 0010 Low on displacement, Add 114cc
  • 0011 Low on displacement, add 250cc
  • 0012 Aftermarket exhaust, bracket loose
  • 0013 Aftermarket exhaust, too loud
  • 0014 Aftermarket exhaust, owner expected too much
  • 0015 Fire in headset from poor headlight “upgrade”
  • 0016 Ground effect lighting not cool
  • 0017 Decal malfunction, inform owner they never look cool
  • 0018 Dead cat in under seat storage area
  • 0019 Scuffing on floorboard
  • 0020 Canole in exhaust
  • 0021 Add more anodized aluminum Jettin parts
  • 0022 Replace muffler bearing again
  • 0023 Replace Scorpion exhaust with original
  • 0024 Replace original exhaust with Scorpion just to be sure
  • 0025 Adjust fuel injection. Screw Piaggio engineers!
  • 0026 Advise to use lower octane fuel
  • 0027 Advise to use higher octane fuel
  • 0028 Call Roadside Assistance
  • 0029 No issues, owner wants to get their moneys worth on warranty.

4 thoughts on “Secret Vespa GTS Brain Box Codes Revealed”

  1. 0030 Non-optimum cupholder placement
    0031 Garmin, cellphone charger, Ipod drawing too much current
    0032 Additional $400 performance accessory required
    0033 Reflective safety vest stuck in seat release solenoid
    0034 Scooter-skirt interfering with proper radiator cooling

  2. Thank you! I needed someone to remind me it was the new month.

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