Royal Enfield floats on

Sify’s story about Royal Enfield‘s modest success, which can been seen as somewhat analogous to LML’s story. It’s a good model for business; targeting a small-but-fanatical market that’s totally ignored by bigger corporations.

2 thoughts on “Royal Enfield floats on”

  1. “It is all about the brand by the end of the day. The Bullet, like a Rolex watch, stands for something special. You cannot hope to sell more by discounting the product,” he adds. Hence, even while world steel prices continue to soar, Ravichandran and his team will continue to put more and more metal in the bike.”

    Sorry but the Enfield ain’t no Rolex. If they could nail down the quality problems they’d be in a better position with the niche market strategy. Maybe they’re solved the electrical issues related to US DOT turn signals, etc.?

  2. Yeah, that was pretty hyperbolic. I’ve heard good and bad about the bike, but the same could be said for Stellas. It’s a niche bike for a niche market, and when you try to modernize an old design, especially on such a small scale, you have problems, here’s hoping both Enfield and LML can work them out.

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