Agility Knock-Offs Continue

As reported on 2SB earlier, cloning the Kymco Agility seems to be the latest craze.  Peirspeed, the importers of the Sachs MadAss and TGB products, have their own Agility clone like the Italjet IT.50.  Their Model is called the RM50.  In the early days of mainland China clones the Kymco Cobra was the scooter of choice to be copied and sold by fly-by-night importers.  It is slightly disturbing to see the same tactics practiced in regard to the Agility this time around by distributors claiming to be more reputable and in it for the long haul.  Does this reflect the changing marketplace where clones are now OK and intellectual property is fairly meaningless?  Or is it an indicator that these companies are really no different than the shipping container importers/dumpers of the past?

3 thoughts on “Agility Knock-Offs Continue”

  1. Stephen, you spelled “Peirspeed” wrong.

    Which is easy to do because the way it is spelled looks wrong.

  2. Most of the clones I’ve seen in the past look like poor knock-offs. This one looks almost like an exact duplicate only missing the mirrors and it has fairing mounted signals. I really wish the big manufacturers could put a stop to this. I really loathe copying without consent.

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