4 thoughts on “Electric Buddy?”

  1. Battery advancements is what it will take to get EVs into real world use. If their Li-ion and lead acid hybrid works that sounds like a step in the right direction. Way to go PGO. I’ll have to do some searching on this.

  2. Is there a motor on the front wheel too? Because that isn’t the typical speedo cable.

  3. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe it’s a regenerative braking design, or just a hint at that it could be. I’d really like to try 2 wheel drive. With the motor wheel of the EVT electric scooters I don’t see why you couldn’t do it. Or maybe even a 3 wheel drive MP3-like machine!

  4. Sweet! It could be like a Rokon 2X2. The front looks very similar to many Chinese hub-mounted scooter drive motors, except it’s on the front instead of the rear.

    Many of the mainland Chinese scooters (if you adjust your expectations appropriately for an electric vehicle) are getting close to being real. Performance-wise they are there just about there: 35+ mph with a 16 mile or so range. Unfortunately they still fail with quality issues. Maybe a Taiwanese Buddy will pull it off? The Taiwanese brand EVTs (still improrted to the US) were supposed to be decent but they didn’t have adaquate (as above) speed or range.


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