Scooterfix, née Girlbike

Crystal and the Girlbikers (I saw them at the Apollo once) have rechristened their blog. Welcome to Scooterfix. I thought “Girlbike” was a great name for a blog written by four women posting about pink helmets, but “Scooterfix” is good too. “Fix” is pretty similar to “Buzz” in its thinly-veiled drug reference-ness and multiple entendres, but our team of attorneys is on vacation so I’ll let it slide. Looking good, ladies.

One thought on “Scooterfix, née Girlbike”

  1. Thanks for the ‘looking good’. There are actually five total writers (I’m the big boss and I have four writers/riders who help me out), and I’m open to finding a male writer or two to help round out the helmet color scheme. Although, come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who has ever posted about pink helmets.

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