Yes, I Am A Geek: Yamaha Vino Gadget Overload

What ever your choice of epithet for those who embrace some sort of technical esotericism, get ready to shout it right..about…now!

But in all seriousness, this Yamaha Vino 50 crammed with all kinds of electronic gizmo goodness is pretty cool.  I think it could be done much more cleanly with better physical integration, but that’s what the fellows at get to do when they get it all tightly installed in their cars with much more real estate to work with.

via Gizmodo

3 thoughts on “Yes, I Am A Geek: Yamaha Vino Gadget Overload”

  1. What a complete waste of a lovely scooter, expensive gadgets, higher education, human intelligence and creativity. An utter rolling scooter disaster! Distracting to the rider, as well as other motorists. Let’s stick to riding, staying focused on the road; and no more of this and other frivolous techno, geeky pimping. BTW, whatever happened to Quang Nguyen? Was he one of those Westinghouse nerds, too?

    If only those smart people at Thoughtlab would work on stopping wars, ending hunger problems all over the world, and curing diseases, then we would all be much better off. Too bad they got their minds in making money. Perhaps that was the beginning of their downfall…


  2. Hey, primavera130

    Those photos of Q. Nguyen’s “award-winning” scooter looked remotely familiar (perhaps because I took them while working for at the Amerivespa ’07 in Seattle).

    Boy, I can’t wait ’till this year’s Amerivespa in Chattanooga! I pray not for Mr. Nguyen’s reappearance. Sure Johnny from Jettin’ wouldn’t be happy to see that, either.


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