“Wheels” on the Vespa S

Dan at the New York Times’ “Wheels” blog takes the Vespa S for a spin and gives it a good, honest assessment. I’m digging “Wheels,” (and not only because Dan’s linked to us a few times lately).

3 thoughts on ““Wheels” on the Vespa S”

  1. I do like his writing in general. But the comments following the article just give me a headache.

  2. I dunno, I’ve been reading a lot of political blogs and hillbilly newspapers lately, so NYT commenters are downright civil and intelligent in my estimation. I thought the comments on that story were more insightful than most, aside from here, of course.

  3. Did you notice that one of the scooters “conked out briefly” but was quickly revived by the handy Piaggio-certified mechanic who comes as standard equipment with every new Vespa?

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