Euromopeds on MV

Another company selling the “Lambretta” Pato/Lance Milan/ZNen ZN151T-F, is Euromopeds. Euromopeds’ Massimiliano Versace pulled the old multiple-usernames-with-one-IP shill over at Modern Vespa, and MV moderator Jess ripped him a new one, with a little help from SR of ScooterBBS fame. It’s a fun read, and by linking it here, with my additional “Googly goodness.” perhaps it’ll help push that MV thread above Euromopeds’ own site and their Craigslist spams in search engines.

2 thoughts on “Euromopeds on MV”

  1. Max Versace sounds like a totally fake name! But it’s real? wow!

  2. As “Davfff” said on that thread, “He might be a dick, but you’ve got to admit that it is a pretty cool name.”

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