“Yes, we have no scooters”

Cassandra at Sportique: “Yes, we have no scooters:”

We are expecting a shipment next week, a shipment of bikes that are, for the most part, already sold. The next shipment after that is rapidly being reserved for presale customers as well. After that… we don’t really know.

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One thought on ““Yes, we have no scooters””

  1. It’s the same at Scooterville. No buddy 125/150s, the next shipment is all but spoken for (probably all spoken for now as we had a list on Saturday). People S125 and 200s are all gone. Rough House gone. Rattlers gone. Kymco Excitings gone. Handful of People 50 and Buddy 50 scoots in select colors. A few regular People 150s. Next shipments mid July or so. Plenty of Piaggio product to keep the showroom looking nice!

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