New Peugeot Vivacity 50

Peugeot has redesigned their Vivacity 50, I’m not in love with it, a little too “executive” for me, but it’s very distinctive and clean-looking. As reporter earlier, Peugeots will be sold in Canada in 2009, I’d expected to hear an announcement (or at least rumors) about the U.S. by now, but sadly, there’s been nothing but crickets. Can’t they see that AMERICA NEEDS SCOOTERS!?

6 thoughts on “New Peugeot Vivacity 50”

  1. So a scooter smooth lines or curves is “retro”, one with lots of angles is “sporty” and with both is “executive”? Funny. Now I’m just waiting for a scooter to be made with a person with arms and legs in mind rather than for the image the object is supposed to project.

  2. “Executive” like Eddie Izzard.

    If it looks like a fake crotchrocket, it’s “sporty,” if it looks like a fake Vespa, it’s “retro,” and if it looks like someone let Italy design a laptop computer, then it’s “executive.”

  3. Looks like “Fabriqu├ęs en Chine” to me?? But, if Peugeot does come back to America,I hope they would sell their cool scooters next to their cars, too.

  4. The thing to me is that the sporty ones look like the worst of a ‘crotch rocket’ (I hate that term), few of the ‘retro’ ones look anything like a Vespa yet people see some similarity (people call the Buddy retro?!) and everything else is just as poorly designed because they are all based off the same crap platform that could not have been thought up with a human rider in mind.

  5. is it just me or does the front end look like is should fold down for easy storage?

  6. I always read the name as Vi-vacity like (vivacious) but maybe it’s really Viva City?

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