Andretti X50 at dealers soon

PowerSportsFactory tells us that their sporty Andretti Benelli X50 will join the 150XT and M50 at dealers within the next week or two. While we haven’t had a chance to ride an Andretti yet, we were impressed with their display bikes at Dealer Expo 2008. We’ll try to get over to Ace Motorcycle and Scooter and check them out soon. If nothing else, PSF timed their delivery well, Andrettis arrived at dealers just as most other brands were announcing their inventory was wiped out.

3 thoughts on “Andretti X50 at dealers soon”

  1. Give credit where it’s due, whether you like them or not, they’re not trying to copy some other design.

  2. The new Andretti scoots look nice, but I have yet to find *anything* nice about the manufacturer of these scoots (Yamati).

  3. Well, Benelli is owned by Qianjiang (China) so they’re the manufacturer of these Benelli-branded Andrettis, Yamati/PSF is the importer. The Benellis seem to be well-regarded in Italy, but the italian-market Benellis are assembled in Italy with parts from QJ. The U.S.-market ones are fully assembled by QJ.

    There are “Yamati” branded Andrettis in the works, but those will be manufactured by CPI of Taiwan, like PSF’s older Yamati models were.

    The older Yamatis don’t have a stellar reputation, and QJ is capable of making good bikes, but also manufactures some pretty low-end brands, so it’s hard to say. Steve and PSF have been really communicative with me and seem to be making an effort towards quality, so like I said, I’m looking forward to seeing the U.S.-market bikes in person and testing them, but I’ve just been swamped lately.

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