3 thoughts on “H-D buys MV”

  1. Yeah! I forgot about H-D/Aermacchi.

    This is probably obvious, but this seems to be an attempt to get H-D into the “upscale european” market, probably a smart move because it fills a big hole in their product line and they can probably muscle some dealers into ditching Ducati or Guzzi, or competing with smaller Guzzi/Ducati dealers in some markets. On the other hand, their commitment to Buell always seems like an afterthought, and I can see the same thing happening here. Maybe they’re better off sticking to what they do best (which, of course, is licensing H-D-branded tchotchki).

  2. I doubt it will mean anything in terms of each brand. HD is a large corp that can benefit from economies of scale. They are run by smart people and have a duty to shareholders. It must make sense on some economic level, but I can’t imagine some tie up between the two brands. The brands are what define the two icons. It’s one thing to buy a defunct name and another to buy a functioning, even poorly, company. I doubt it’s any sort of technology transfer that will benefit HD.

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