Indian Scooter Maker Bought By Indian Tractor Maker

The Central Chronical reports that Kinetic Motors has been purchased by automotive giant, Mahindra & Mahindra.  More commonly known for their utility vehicles, M & M thinks that scooters and small displacement motorcycles are the way to go and there’s a still plenty of untapped market in India.  In the last few years, Kinetic has been linked with a possible new entry into the U.S. market under yet another incarnation of the Italjet marque.  The new company will be name Mahindra Kinetic Scooters & Motorcycles Limitied. Following the 2strokebuzz lead, M & M have their own football club.  Will we see even more rugged, tractor-like, scooters on the market?  Or just an Indian premier football league team moped?

4 thoughts on “Indian Scooter Maker Bought By Indian Tractor Maker”

  1. I think as long as they are not a Chinese based company (Kymco excluded) they are a welcome addition to the scooter manufaturers market.

    More choices for them means more for us here in the US down the line too.

    And since my beloved Stella is Indian, I say “Go for it doods” and hope for the best. :D

  2. About 12 years ago, when I was in India, my dad and I got stuck behind an unbelieveably long line of brand new Mihindra tractors. Instead of loading the tractors on trains or trucks and shipping them. They were being individually driven in a caravan to some point south of Mumbai. It was terrifying trying to pass a long line of these tractors at night. The caravan was probably more than a mile long.

  3. Oh and I have some photos some where of the Mahindra Ape-like three wheeler. They were most famous for making a post-war Jeep clone.

  4. I just love that that still make a 1983 Honda scooter (the NH80 in Soichiro skin) with a 4 stroke engine in their 4S model AND the superceding Honda model (the lead 100) in the Nova EX. They know good stuff when they see it! I’m a big fan of that line. After checking over their website I noticed their tie up with SYM. I wonder if Mohindra is also after that relationship if it’s bidirectional, to get their product into Taiwan easier. But that’s purely speculation.

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