Australian Yamaha scooter TV ad

Via Steve, a nicely-done Australian Yamaha TV commercial showing the economical aspects of their scooters. Genuine and even PiaggioUSA are working on pretty limited budgets, but you have to wonder why Yamaha and Honda, who actually do run national spots on cable TV, haven’t done anything like this here in the U.S. yet. If it wasn’t for the Australian coins shown at the end (and if they added a few models to their lineup), they could even run this one.

One thought on “Australian Yamaha scooter TV ad”

  1. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the Big 4 Japanese motorcycle companies’ U.S. divisions don’t care about the scooter market. They’re too focused on crusiers and crotch rockets, and see scooters as simply a way to steer people who are afraid of motorcycles (that’s a lot of Americans, BTW) onto them once they get over their fear of 2-wheeled, motorized transport. Yamaha is kind of an exception, but in Seattle at least, you don’t see a lot of YZFs or FJR1300s on the streets. You do see Zumas and Vinos, but I’ll bet the divisional headquarters either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care…

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