Opening Ceremony

Congratulations on a fantastic show, Beijing. Now that we’ve seen what potential your nation holds, let’s see what you can do about your scooters.

I know you can make good scooters, I know you’re cutting corners so the importers make more money, but it’s time to go legit.

3 thoughts on “Opening Ceremony”

  1. It seemed like they’d done some pretty heavyhanded editing and the NBC commentary was probably done long after the event. It just didn’t have the tone or flow of a live event with on-the-fly editing. I saw a few cuts that didn’t make sense chronologically, and once, a uniformed guard was running across the open area, then they cut to a wider shot and he was gone.

    Also, two of the Fou drums didn’t light up (see this photo), that’s unacceptable.

  2. I didn’t watch the opening ceremony. But the commentary on the parade of teams was downright offensive at times so I was thinking that was very un-edited. I wasn’t offended. But if I were from some of the countries they were talking about, I would be. It was like listening to some ex-frat boys at the local Buffalo Wild Wings talk about the funny names of them ‘foreign dudes’. It seemed to me that it may have been a long day and some cocktails were involved.

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