MadAss 500

Brooke mentioned the Sachs MadAss 500 a while back, but I’d never seen a photo. Craaaaazeee. Peirspeed (who import the 50cc and 125cc versions) must have given away 300 t-shirts at Amerivespa. I should probably write something about Amerivespa one of these days, but I’m still waiting for Jordan to send the photos from the pool party.
(Thanks for the photo, Mr. Madddox!)

5 thoughts on “MadAss 500”

  1. Y’all know that is an Enfield 500 motor, right? What a crazy mix of teh old and new. i bet that thing is a hoot to ride. Heh.

  2. I see what you mean now someone has finally designed an anatomically correct seat (for our equipment) :)

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