3 thoughts on “Zafferano”

  1. All of these “limited edition” bikes are just exercises in bolt on plastic bits. A different cut in the plastic horncasting here, a different cut in the plastic side panel there. Even the GTSR appears to be just a slightly overbored quasar motor. They got my attention with Fuel Injection on the GTS etc. But EVERYONE has fuel injection now, they need to stay a solid step or two ahead of Kymco, Honda, SYM and others.

    Knocking out a cheaped out LX150 and calling it the S while losing the proper lockable glovebox, rear rack and immobilizer didn’t get my attention, even when they painted it orange.

    I definitely do NOT like the old school cut outs on the “engine side” cowl on the GTSR…they’re located WAY too high up, They should be lower, maybe incorporated into the plastic lower cowling. It’s like they’re saying “can we find any other retro attributes and glue them to this scooter?” The GTV was the best example I’ve seen, not for everyone, but folks who loved it, really loved it.

    So I think I’ve stumbled onto the next “Ultimate Vespa”

    300cc Fuel Injected (Cheaper when zongshen makes it)
    Trapezoid SS style headlight (all plastic, no windshield will ever fit it)
    Analog Speedo (cheaper that way)
    Rally 200 engine slots
    Stanley Tail light (DOT original ca 1980)
    No rear rack
    Fiberglass Bumstop racing seat (I think Cosmo motors still has a billion of these for $30 each)
    Manual USA style fuel tap (Old Skool)
    Stamped steel split rims (11″ of course)

    On a side note: On their site they show the PX125 as being able to fit an “Optional” spare tire. Now that’s cost cutting, when you don’t even bother to bolt on a spare wheel anymore.

    I couldn’t be less impressed.

  2. I prefer the tray over the glovebox if scooters are going to continue to be bloated underseat storage-centered design.

  3. obviously I’m spoiled by having access to a lot of new plastic, but I’ve gotten used to gobs of storage, a 12V port and brakes that rip my face off. I’m ready for a well suspended, lightweight scoot that can carry 2, run at 75, cut thru traffic and look good. I thought I found it in the gts250, but it’s pretty porky and chews thru tires in 2500 miles and there’s 10 different ways it can strand you in the middle of nowhere.

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