Don’t mess with Texas plates

From Chad: Texas, with the lowest percentage of custom license plates in the U.S., has contracted a private company to offer a wide variety of cutomizable plates. And yes, they offer motorcycle plates. Some states seem to be making their standard plates ugly on purpose to sell more special plates, but Texas’ standard plates are actually more attractive than the somewhat generic plates offered by MyPlates (They’re not even embossed, which sadly seems to be a trend in plate design).

2 thoughts on “Don’t mess with Texas plates”

  1. I just saw the new MN motorcycle plates the other day. They are some flimsy flat plastic like material. Not embossed. Lame.

  2. yeah, tejas has gone to plastic plates, too. my m/c has the metal embossed because they stay with the vehicle in the lone star state. cars dont even have expiration stickers, you get an inspection sticker in the window that doubles as a expiration sticker, i believe. but then again, i dont have a car.

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