Salzman on Scooters

A great general look at scooters and scootering from fellow (maybe ex-?) Blur rider Nathaniel Salzman. Very well written and covers just about everything I’d say.

My only minor quibble: He says (in bold, thankfully), “Riding a scooter is 100% as dangerous as riding a motorcycle. Period.” I agree completely, the similarities of scooters and motorcycles are more important than the differences, so the first section about the differences, while well-written, is given too much prominence in its placement. But as I said, that’s a minor quibble. Definitely bookmark this one to mail to friends looking for their first scooter.

4 thoughts on “Salzman on Scooters”

  1. Boy I tell ya. Just no making some people happy ;-)

    Thanks for the mention. I’m adding you to my blogroll. Beware.

  2. NathanielSalzman did a really nice job on that. Really nice. We need to make that easy for folks to find. Thanks for pointing it out.


  3. Uh-oh. Nathaniel’s web site is down right now. He musta broke teh internets.

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