“Forever Vespa”

A review of Pippo Cappellano and Marina Cappabianca’s film Forever Vespa from the 13th Cathay Pacific Italian Film Festival in New Zealand. The reviewer is a Vespisti (and admittedly a bit snobby about it!) with an astute grip on the current scooter craze, he notes that it’s an independent film so well-supported by Piaggio’s archives that it sometimes appears to be a Piaggio promotional video. It’s played at a few festivals, but I can’t find a trailer or any more info… anyone?

2 thoughts on ““Forever Vespa””

  1. I ran across a synopsis here. It doesn’t appear to be available on DVD or Blu-Ray yet. When you Google it, you get a lot of hits from Australia & New Zealand, for whatever that’s worth…

  2. I was thinking the other day someone needed to making something more out of that old Vespa film, Kama scooter. ;-)

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